The End is the Begining

Monday, March 21, 2011

With the decision of the Dan Neil Team to withdraw their election contest, thereby ending the pursuit of the full house vote on the election contest, Dan's election is officially over. HOWEVER, Travis County voters have been awakened to issues that should concern every voter and we at the Travis County Republican Party will be working diligently to do everything within our statutory (legal) power to assure the fair and legal elections take place in Travis County.

First step, get Photo Voter ID (SB 14) passed in the House. It has already passed in the Senate. And in order for the process to be completed smoothly, the SAME version of the bill (with NO Amendments) needs to pass the House. So we are supporting a YES Vote from ALL of our representatives (both Democrat and Republican) who stand with us to have another safeguard on fair and legal elections, increase the confidence of the voting pubic that their vote does count and provide a visible check at the point of making an in-person vote that the voter is in fact, the person whose name is on the record.

Today the bill was stalled by a technicality of one word and sent back to the Elections Committee...we know that any stalling technique imaginable will be used by some Democrats. Afterall, they "chubbed" with procedural nonsense for 5 days in the last legislative session. Some of those Democrats are not present in this session, because they got beat in November. But the slowing down of the process will continue, wasting precious time that could be spent on voting on other issues of pressing importance.

Stay tuned on the Voter ID. We expect it to pass, but are not taking anything for granted with this 82nd Legislative Session. BREAKING NEWS...the bill passed overwhelmingly in the House late into the night on Wednesday, but with a different version passing in the House reconciliation of the House and Senate versions must take place. We're making progress, but we're not there yet. Keep a close watch and I'll be updating.