Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TIME Magazine arrives in my mail each week, I think it's usually on Wednesdays. I usually throw it in the trash, without opening it's front page.

Today, I recognized the face (if not the photo-shopped 5 o'clock shadow) as my governor,Rick Perry. So I did open the front page and take the time to read David Von Drehle's article (with reporting by Mark Halperin and Hilary Aylton/Austin, Eric Dodds/NYC and Elizabeth Dias and Michael Scherer/DC).

Short of giving Perry the moniker of 'teflon Rick' (reminescent of Reagan) they make him out to be one lucky guy. They do a decent job of framing his upbringing as authentically small town Texan with the tongue in cheek quote from Perry depicting his hometown so small that it didn't exist.

But they set the stage for everyone, including the TEA Party and Republicans, to take shots at the front runner. With Perry's minute plus ad hitting the youtube blitz today contrasting "Zero v. Hero" the race is clearly on. If America wants bold contrasts in the presidential election, they will get it IF the Obama/Perry match up holds. Looks like the lamestream print media is doing its best to set it up for a contest.


The 3 P's

Friday, September 9, 2011

After last night's Republican Debate, it occurred to me that there are two declared Republican Presidential Candidates and a possible Candidate-in-Waiting (or in the vascillating position of possibly running) who have a common thread, which I believe most will find agreement: Palin, Perry and Paul have changed the conversation in the past two years in American Politics.

Yes, my guess is that in any Republican gathering you could activists clearly on the side of one of the three current headlines-grabbing politicians. I believe that any Republican group would be comprised of ones who would vote for one of the three for President TODAY without reservation, though November 2012 is 14 months away.

It is my contention that Palin, Perry and Paul have clearly shifted the conversation about what is important to debate and bring to the table to discuss, no matter what the outcome of the November 2012 election. And I hope with all my heart that Barack Obama is a one term President...that any one of these individuals will bring a paradigm shift that modern politics has not experienced in modern times.

President Reagan re-connected us with our foundation and love of country. He motivated us to take a stand for our country and re-invigorated us to believe in ourselves again. Palin, Perry and Paul are asking us to ask hard questions about the very purpose of government and what we will do to keep our freedom.

While I do have my own personal preference for the next President of the United States, at this point in the election cycle, I believe that Republicans should be listening with ears that hear what the real message is from each of these people and ask simple questions: Will we be better off as individuals, as families and as a country if we follow the plan that this candidate is outlining? And does he or her have the track record of experience to lead the greatest country in the world out of this economic decline? This is THE election of our lifetime. Vote with your head, as well as your heart.


The looming problem in the 83rd Sesson

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A train wreck is coming in 2013 with the budget because of the planned deficit and because they did not deal with interior enforcement regarding illegal aliens. We will need those with clear vision, clarity of purpose, and bold courage to change the direction and focus of our wayward state legislature. Too much of our state spending is tied to pulling down federal dollars. The reckoning day is soon coming and will put added pressure on the states and local gov't.

~ JoAnn Fleming


Travis County DA Race

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some would say that it's a little early for candidates to be publicly stating their campaign plans, but our Democrats are getting the early start by squaring off for Travis County DA.

While the Dems are beating up on each other, we're working under the radar.


Term Limits

Monday, June 20, 2011

Speaking at the Virginia Convention in 1788, George Mason made the case for a citizen legislature grounded in reality:

“Nothing so strongly impels a man to regard the interest of his constituents, as the certainty of returning to the general mass of the people, from whence he was taken, where he must participate in their burdens.”

Unfortunately the vestiges of 'seniority' in Congress with committee assignments, etc. pull toward keeping term limits out of the question. But if it's good enough for the executive branch...why not in Congress?


17th Amendment

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The shift in power from the state governing bodies electing their Senators to the citizens voting state-wide to elect their Senators to go to Washington brought on 'unintended consequences' that effect us today. Hat tip to Frank Salvato who blogged about this unfortunate removal from the states to 'recall' one of its representatives who should be removed from office. Our founders knew the scrutiny of states would be able to choose the best representatives for their sovereign purposes.

Here are Frank's remarks which came under the heading of It's About Personal Responsibility

"17th Amendment, which moved the power of electing US Senators from the State Legislatures to the State citizenries. Prior to this, a US Senator was subject to recall by the State Legislatures. If the Senator was too inclined to cast his vote along political party lines, in favor of a special interest group or in any way that usurped the benefit of his State’s constituency, the State Legislatures could recall the Senator. In essence, prior to the enactment of the 17th Amendment, US Senators were legislatively charged ambassadors from their respective States to the Legislative Branch of the federal. Members of the US House were directly elected by the people (the People’s House) and US Senators represented the governments of the many States.

So, today, with the 17th Amendment in full force, we have a redundancy in the Legislative Branch that has led to moving our country toward a government system of Democracy, when, in fact – and for incredibly good reasons – our Framers and Founders established our country as a Constitutional Republic, one that uses a democratic electoral process, which, too, has a check and balance called the Electoral College.

Ever since the ability of the States to recall their US Senators was usurped by the 17th Amendment, and ever since the balance of federalism tipped to the federal government, thus encroaching upon the sovereign authority of the States as mandated by the 10th Amendment, people from one part of the country have become beholden to the votes of people from other parts of the country. Just as important, is that federally elected officials to Congress – especially US Senators – have become immune to any rebuke by their constituencies but for at the ballot box."


The End is the Begining

Monday, March 21, 2011

With the decision of the Dan Neil Team to withdraw their election contest, thereby ending the pursuit of the full house vote on the election contest, Dan's election is officially over. HOWEVER, Travis County voters have been awakened to issues that should concern every voter and we at the Travis County Republican Party will be working diligently to do everything within our statutory (legal) power to assure the fair and legal elections take place in Travis County.

First step, get Photo Voter ID (SB 14) passed in the House. It has already passed in the Senate. And in order for the process to be completed smoothly, the SAME version of the bill (with NO Amendments) needs to pass the House. So we are supporting a YES Vote from ALL of our representatives (both Democrat and Republican) who stand with us to have another safeguard on fair and legal elections, increase the confidence of the voting pubic that their vote does count and provide a visible check at the point of making an in-person vote that the voter is in fact, the person whose name is on the record.

Today the bill was stalled by a technicality of one word and sent back to the Elections Committee...we know that any stalling technique imaginable will be used by some Democrats. Afterall, they "chubbed" with procedural nonsense for 5 days in the last legislative session. Some of those Democrats are not present in this session, because they got beat in November. But the slowing down of the process will continue, wasting precious time that could be spent on voting on other issues of pressing importance.

Stay tuned on the Voter ID. We expect it to pass, but are not taking anything for granted with this 82nd Legislative Session. BREAKING NEWS...the bill passed overwhelmingly in the House late into the night on Wednesday, but with a different version passing in the House reconciliation of the House and Senate versions must take place. We're making progress, but we're not there yet. Keep a close watch and I'll be updating.