Tuesday - VOTER ID BILL Rally & Hearing

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, April 7 - Public Testimony on VOTER ID Bill (HB 125)

Meet on the South steps of the Capitol Building at 11:30 AM, where we will hear Voter ID experts and legislators and peacefully demonstrate our support for this important bill.

After the Rally, we will go together to the House Elections Committee hearing, which is being held in the Reagan Building, Room 120 You can go by the committee room to write your support of the bill if you do not plan to personally testify. WEAR RED to show your support. And stay as long as you can.


TCRP Club meetings

Friday, March 20, 2009

For information on Republican partner club events, visit our website and click on 'calendar' for updated events.


Texans Want Safe Elections!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Please join me in the non-partisan push for Secure Elections: Making sure that Texans who vote have the right to vote and making sure that Texans who have the right to vote are able to vote.

Voter Photo Identification Fact Sheet

S.B. 362 Prevents Fraud in Texas Elections [passed the Senate...NOW the push is for the House Bill 125 to get a hearing in the Elections Committee]

Texans expect and deserve secure and fair elections that ensure eligible voters cast only one ballot and that every person eligible to vote is not overly burdened by the voting process. And a critical means is to secure and fair elections in Texas by requiring a photo ID to vote.

Why Texas Needs Voter Photo ID Legislation:
 The Attorney General’s office has received over 50 cases of voter fraud since 2004.
 Voter fraud is difficult to detect and prove under current laws.
 Requiring voter photo ID is a proven way to deter ineligible voters from casting a ballot and will help to
catch and prosecute those who fraudulently vote.
 Texas currently does not require a potential voter to verify their identity at the polls – a would-be voter
only has to show a voter registration card.

Most Comprehensive Voter Photo ID States Saw Increased Voter Turnout in 2008:
 Georgia experienced record-setting voter turnout in the 2008 election.
- Overall turnout increased 6.7 percent; Democratic turnout increased 6.1 percent
 Indiana has the most comprehensive voter ID law.
- Overall voter turnout was the fifth highest in the country; Democratic turnout increased 8.32 percent
 Comparable states without voter photo ID had markedly lower turnout increases.
Texans Strongly Support Voter Photo ID:
 88 percent of likely Texas voters – 95 percent of Republicans and 80 percent of Democrats agree voters
should be required to have photo ID to vote. (October ‘08 Rasmussen survey)
 73 percent of Caucasians, 68 percent of African Americans, and 65 percent of Hispanics agree Texas
voters should be required to show a photo ID to vote. (July ‘08 Texas Politics Project, Univ. of Texas)

VOTER ID BILL [Senate Bill 362 and House Bill 125] will help to prevent voter fraud in Texas:
 Modeled on Indiana’s voter photo ID law which was upheld 6-3 by the U.S. Supreme Court, including
liberal-leaning Justices John Paul Stevens and Anthony M. Kennedy.
 Common sense solution that allows a voter to show two, readily available, non-photo documents if they
do not have a photo ID, and balances the need for security in the voting process with minimal burden.
 Deters people from misrepresenting their identity or fraudulently voting with someone else’s
registration card.
Prepared by Secure and Fair Elections Texas (SAFETexas@SAFETexas.org) 815A Brazos St. #417, Austin, Texas 78701


Follow the Tea Parties

Sunday, March 15, 2009



Joe the Plumber

Friday, March 13, 2009

This is an interesting video from Pajamas TV. Joe Wurzelbacker explains why he chose going to court.



Senator Van de Putte

For the ones of us who sat in the Senate Chamber on Tuesday for HOURS...Senator Van de Putte characterized the utter hypocracy of the Dems (she heads the Democrat Caucus). Here is her article in Texas Insider and the comments which sum up the feeling of many who attended and many who really know what the score is on the Voter ID issue. Enjoy:



SB 362 Passes the Senate

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

After a greuling 12 + hours in the Senate Chambers (upstairs looking at the proceedings) I had to leave...such grandstanding I have only seen on CSPAN with our US Congressional members! The Dems threw in every stalling technique they could muster in hours and hours of questioning parliamentary procedures, the reason for taking up this bill and not talk about other 'more urgent' matters, pontifocating about anything that crossed their minds about the disenfanchised...

Many showed up in support of the VOTER ID Bill, wearing red and arriving an hour before the Senate doors opened. It was the first time many had been on the scene for a Senate hearing. Many left disappointed in what they saw and experienced...for example, two young ladies from Southwestern took the day to drive down from Georgetown, both were prepared to speak at the public testimony time. The Democrats delay and obfuscation for the whole day meant that they did not get the chance to testify...they had to drive back to Georgetown. One of these young women has debated against Equal Opportunity 'advantages' to minorities in DC in a House Committee, so the Texas Senate was not going to intimidate her. Unfortunately no one got the priviledge to hear the witness of this young hispanic woman, because the Democrats were too bellicose to give considerate time for 'the people' to have their say.

The SB 362 did pass with out of the Committee of the Whole this morning...without the witness of many of the weary ones who so excitedly thought they would be able to participate in our representative democracy earlier the previous day.

Now it's on to the House and we'll have a lot harder time there with the VOTER ID. I'll keep you posted on actions to take there.



Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Monday morning...have you called your Senator yet? Times a-'wastin'

Pick up that phone and call YOUR SENATOR...either Kirk Watson (SD-14)463-5949 or Jeff Wentworth (SD-25)463-0125 to tell them to vote FOR Senate Bill 362 VOTER ID Bill which will be voted on on Tuesday, March 10.

If you can join us on the south steps of the Capitol at 7:45 am and continue inside for the hearing that starts at 9 am, please do. But at the very least, PICK UP THE PHONE and call your Senator. A staffer will answer. Identify yourself as a constituent and tell them why you support SB 362...it will go a long way to securing more confidence in our electoral process in Texas, it will not disenfanchise any voters, everyone has to use a picture ID all the time in cashing checks, picking up medicine...even welfare checks, so it will not keep voters away...only ones who shouldn't be voting anyway! Pick one of the above or make your own points, BUT CALL NOW!!!


SB 362

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's been two legislative sessions and now it's #3. It's time to get the Voter ID Bill PASSED!

RPT, TFRW and the Texas Rep County Chairmen's Association are coordinating a Lobby and Testimony event on Tuesday, March 10 beginning at 7:45 AM on the South Capitol steps. All supporters of fraud-free elections and having EVERY VOTE COUNT should actively support this bill.

  • It gets at least 70% support from Democrats and over 90% support from Republicans, so let's get out and show our representatives that we want VOTER ID to pass in the state of Texas. It will not disenfranchise any voter. It will make all who vote legally more confident of the vote and our system less prone to 'imposter voting'.[talking points]
  • Make your opinion heard by attending and staying for as much of the hearing in the Senate Chamber (2nd floor Capitol, East Side). Complete a card expressing your support if you are not planning to make personal testimony.
  • WEAR RED! We want everyone to SEE our Support!!

I'll keep you posted on the next step....the House needs to pass it and that may be more difficult in the days ahead. Prepare for other gatherings and testimony.

And call your representatives, even if they are Democrats and tell them you want them to vote FOR Senate Bill 362 (your Senator). Sen. Kirk Watson SD 14-D 463-5949 and Sen. Jeff Wentworth SD 25- R 463-0125 Leave a polite, clear message if the answer machine is taking messages this weekend.


CPAC Youtube of Jonathan Krohn

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Here's little Jonathan Krohn talking at CPAC. He was the darling of the day!



Independence Day

Monday, March 2, 2009

Back from DC and the fabulous CPAC experience...Texas Independence Day and a new re-newal of excitement for the future of electing Republicans in Travis County! Great to be back and rejuvinated. Lots of work to do, but we've got the core values of our great nation and people on our side. We're going to make things happen in Travis County. Yes, we WILL! And that's what we have...the WILL to make it happen!!