Support the State's lawsuit against ObamaCare

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Travis County Republican Party Executive Committee members signed a letter in support of the lawsuit Attorney General Abbott is leading against the unconstitutional take over of our health care. If you were not in attendance last evening and want to add your name to the letter, please contact Michele in the office (671-4168) and arrange for a time to sign the letter.

Roger and I will personally deliver the letter of support with all the Precinct Chair signatures representing the support of the TCRP Executive Committee in the next few days, please make sure your name is on the letter.

You may view General Abbott's speech at the TCC Forum on Healthcare:


Citizen Leaders, Step Up!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I was impressed with one lady who stood up to speak at the TEA Party gathering at the Double Tree today, as we were waiting the arrival of Newt Gingrich. She stood and clearly stated to the crowd of 400+ (without a microphone, but clearly heard) that she had never been involved in politics before, but last year had volunteered to be a precinct chair in her county (not Travis, but a smaller county nearby). She said she was a little afraid when she make first calls to find others in her precinct to get involved, but as she got more people involved, her fear has subsided some.

She made a compelling statement that should have encouraged anyone who was there to re-think their involvement, if you aren't taking an active role in your precinct. Please check on the Travis County Republican Party web site for your precinct information. If you have a Precinct Chairman, contact your precinct chair and offer your assistance. If there is not one listed in your precinct, contact us to find out how you could serve as Precinct Chair.

We will be installing new Precinct Chairs on May 8 at noon on the South Steps of the Capitol. These Precinct Chairs will serve for two years, but the Executive Committee (all Precinct Chairs and the County Chair) can fill vacancies as they occur throughout the interim.

It's time to step up, join up and LEAD where you are right now. NOW IS THE TIME!


Run Off Results

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Office of the Secretary of State

2010 Republican Party Primary Runoff Election

Election Night Returns


4/13/2010 11:00:30 PM

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 3
Rick Green REP 3,027 44.37% 5,979 44.30%
Debra Lehrmann REP 3,794 55.62% 7,517 55.69%
----------- -----------
Total Votes Cast 6,821 13,496
Early Provisional Ballots Reported 6
Total Provisional Ballots Reported 32
Precincts Reported 211 of 211 Precincts 100.00%
* County Turnout 2.29% 586,882 Registered Voters
Member, State Board of Education, District 10
Marsha Farney REP 1,509 57.59% 3,452 57.91%
Brian Russell REP 1,111 42.40% 2,508 42.08%
----------- -----------
Total Votes Cast 2,620 5,960
Precincts Reported 127 of 127 Precincts 100.00%
State Representative District 47
Holly Turner REP 1,824 48.20% 3,130 46.26%
Paul D. Workman REP 1,960 51.79% 3,635 53.73%
----------- -----------
Total Votes Cast 3,784 6,765
Precincts Reported 43 of 43 Precincts 100.00%
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