State of the Union (before it aired)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010 Posted by Paul at 1:41 PM
I suppose it's still possible for a president to give a boffo State of the Union address and thereby boost his popularity, but much conspires against experiencing such success. The biggest headwind is the fact that, these days, Congress isn't just the audience, it is an active participant.

The problem begins before the president even enters, when the cameras show Congressmen and Senators milling around. Since Congress is hugely unpopular with Americans, this early vibe is negative.

Next, as the president enters, he must glad-hand our would-be solons, many of whom have arrived hours early to get a "rail" seat. It's as if they are teen-age girls have queued up to touch a rock star.

But the worst part of the spectacle is reserved for the speech itself. That's when one side makes a show of giving the president repeated standing ovations, while the other side for the most part makes a show of not doing so. Do our elected representatives have any idea how juvenile this looks, how much it detracts from their appearance as serious legislators, and how much it prolongs the speech, to the president's detriment?

The president isn't directly responsible for this behavior, but he is demeaned by the spectacle, And, since these speeches seem to invite, if not beg for, the applause, the president can fairly be viewed as an accomplice.

Would it be too audacious for a president to begin his speech by requesting that the audience limit its applause and not stand up during the speech? Surely, there are points to be scored by telling the members of an unpopular institution to behave like adults.


Travis County here we come!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yesterday’s victory by Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts shows that no Democrat is safe in this year’s political atmosphere, not even a Democrat in the bluest of states. There’s a lesson there for the Democrats representing Travis County voters at all levels of the federal, state and local government positions. Voters are frustrated with government overreach into the economy and the looming tax bill that’s on the ways. By contrast, the TCRP has a full slate of Republican choices for voters, a slate that will turn out to be the people’s choice, everyday citizens who will bring common sense leadership to Travis County.


Game On!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

REMARKS FOR ROSEMARY EDWARDS, January 7 Press Conference

Good Morning, ladies and gentlemen, members of the press and fellow citizens.

We are delighted to welcome you here to Travis County Republican Party headquarters for some announcements of major importance to the viewers and readers of your newspapers and blogs, TV and radio channels. Welcome!

I am Rosemary Edwards, chairman of the Travis County Republican Party and I want you to join me in congratulating and complimenting these courageous citizens who have stepped forward to run as Republicans for elected political office in Travis County

We have been working for the last two years to find citizen leaders to make the serious commitment to run for elected office, ones who will offer a clear alternative to Democrat incumbents in office. We are presenting many of them to you today, the ones who could take off from work and rearrange their morning schedules, and welcome your questions individually to them when we adjourn.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We have 16 Republican candidates who will be competing for offices in Travis county-wide races. There are 8 more candidates for positions that include parts of Travis County and extend outside its boundaries.

Along with the 22 state-wide races and 7 federal races where Republicans vie for positions, voters in Travis County will have 53 Republicans on the ballot!

And not to forget the most vital elected position in the Republican Party… our Precinct Chairs…the REAL power in our party! We had 153 Precinct Chair applications for office!! [Applause]

You must be asking yourself, “What is going on here?”

I’ll tell you.

You are seeing citizens who are motivated to challenge the conventional wisdom of seeing the government as a remedy for solving your problems…it’s the overreach of BIG government that is the PROBLEM! And we are going to change that in Travis County!!

In fact, these citizen leaders who are bravely stepping forward to represent you are just like you.

And I would like to speak directly to the voters of Travis County:

These candidates are just like you…working hard to raise their families, keep a job or two to support their family, some are actually between jobs, or have lost their jobs…many have friends and neighbors who have lost their jobs and they also are very concerned where our country is headed.

There is a sense of urgency about stepping forward at this time in our nation’s history and they have bravely answered the call to serve you with a servant’s heart and pledge to you to hold office with integrity, honor and within the time that it takes to accomplish common sense goals,and to return back home when these goals are accomplished [APPLAUSE!]

You are seeing the 2010 tipping point with the phenomenal shift in citizens’ attitude and actions. This sift became publicly visible this spring with the Taxed Enough Already Parties and rallies expressing liberty and freedom, but showed in the voting results in New Jersey, continued in Virginia, and has spread to numerous local races around the country, where Independents and Democrats are joining our Republican voters in favor of conservative candidates.

The sift is apparent in Texas as well…over 70 Democrats have switched party affiliation across the state of Texas in the past few months, with more possibly on the way. For example, entrenched Democrats like Chris Dodd deciding not to seek re-election in the Connecticut for the US Senate and Byron Dorgan in North Dakota doing the same.

Yes, the winds are blowing in a different direction and we here in Travis County are going to run with the wind in our backs…but we do not kid our selves to think it will be easy. Travis County is one of the last liberal strongholds and they will not give up without a hard fight. And to the liberal Democrats in Austin we say GAME ON!

We are inviting all citizens of Austin to join us to get to know our candidates, ask them questions, find out if you would trust them to represent you…I believe you will find all our candidates present a clear choice of common sense leadership this next election cycle. Each of our candidates will offer details along the campaign trail as they get out in the community to ask for your support.

Each presents a clear alternative when challenging the Democrat incumbent and you will hear specific campaign pledges from each of our candidates.
And so, no matter your party affiliation, I hope you will join me in wishing these brave people – these citizen leaders - good luck in their campaigns. They have a tough road ahead, a lot of long days and long nights as they dedicate themselves to running for elected office. They deserve our respect – and our thanks – for stepping forward and offering themselves to the voters of Travis County. I know that I am so grateful for their courage.

For a complete list of the Travis County slate of candidates, check out website at