Election Analysis...Look Out!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The electoral rejection of statist liberalism has begun all over our country, as local and statewide elections began going red on Tuesday. Republicans won two governor's mansions, and numerous other state-level races in places where Barack Obama won solidly in 2008. Traditionally Democrat local seats went Republican. The tide is turning, and it is turning in favor of conservative values.

Tuesday was also the turning point in several Texas counties, long yellow-dog Democrat strongholds all. Palo Pinto, Hardin, and McCulloch counties all saw Democrat local elected officials become Republicans.

For those of us in Travis County, the momentum is undeniable. We have candidates emerging in state House races, and a hard fight shaping up for CD-25. Best of all, traditional Republican voters turned up 2-1 over traditional Democrats in early voting for the November 2009 election. While Democrats revel in past victories, Republicans in Travis County are moving forward, and doing the hard work to win fights down-ballot.

One of the biggest victories in Travis County this week happened in Lake Travis ISD. A rollback election was triggered when the school district attempted to raise the property tax rate an extra two cents over the limit. Voters resoundingly said "no" to this insidious tax hike.

While Travis County voters mostly followed state trends on the eleven constitutional amendments, they rejected Proposition 1, an amendment allowing local governments special zoning authority around military bases. This amendment was analyzed by conservative groups as being a back door for eminent domain and tax increases - and Travis County voters said no. They also approved property tax appraisal reform (Props. 2, 3, and 5) and eminent domain reform (Prop. 11). For once, the rogue county known so well for common-sense conservatism led the charge in approving such measures.

This is hope and change - this is taking back our country, from the courthouse to the White House. We have a lot of work to do in Travis County, and it starts today. We will take back our county and our city one seat at a time if we must, but we will succeed. If it can happen in New Jersey - well, look out, Austin!


All Amendmends PASS

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

As most school bond issues and Constitutional Amendments, ALL Pass tonight (as of posting)..but we will offer some evaluation later on the specifics of the percentages of the specific amendments.

With the Virginia and New Jersey victories for Republicans, we may be on a new political re-surgence of conservative values. Stay tuned and STAY INVOLVED!

Going to DC this week?? I hope you are!