Tell Doggett what you think about Health Care Reform

Friday, July 31, 2009

Lloyd Doggett will be at the Randalls at Brodie/Slaughter Saturday, August 1, from 11-12:30. We need him to hear our voices about this health care plan. He has not been listening to the citizens of Austin. BE LOUD! NO GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE!

This is not a Republican vs Democrat issue. This is a "no government running my health care" issue. Take care of the truely needy; leave the rest of us alone and let us have our private care and our choices. Yes, there needs to be reform. but sensible reform. Many good alternatives have been suggested...but not in HR3200

Get the word out to all your Patriot friends to SHOW UP, STAND UP and SPEAK UP!

Make your signs so that they are easily read from afar and USE YOUR CREATVITY! Come have FUN with us expressing our Constitutionally protected right of public expression of our views.


Let go my health plan!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Counter protesters from the area (San Marcos and Houston for two other cities represented) today showed up in mass across from the AFL-CIL Headquarters on Lavaca for a showdown with the pro-government health care ObamaPlan. The counter protesters outnumbered the ones standing outside the AFL-CIO HQs by 2-1. Chants and shouts rang out across the street for better part of the two hours. The crowd broke up to walk to the Republic Park a few blocks away, where the pro-Obama Plan folks were supposed to create the shape of Texas, which was supposed to represent all the people in Texas without health insurance.

Well, that little performance didn't take place. By the time all the protesters and counter-protesters mingled at the park, some discussing, some shouting in their expressions of was a little confusing.

I found it interesting that none of the Democrats who led the rally inside the AFL-CIO Union Hall faced the crowd and spoke at the park rally. We had thought that Doggett or Watson were going to speak, but no show!

Thanks so everyone who made the trip to Austin and for everyone braving the heat to show your support of Liberty and Freedom!


TEA Party tonight!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Join fellow conservatives at the 360 Primo tonight (Tuesday, July 21) at 5:30-7:00 pm for a cool drink and lively conversation.

360 Primo is in the Arboretum area, Great Hills Trail at Jollyville Rd., NW corner, across from Pier One and next door to Elevation Burger.

See you there!


Executive Committee Meeting

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Travis County Republican Party will hold it's quarterly meeting on Monday, July 20 at 7 pm at the LCRA Red Bud Room, 3601 Lake Austin Blvd. at the intersection of Red Bud Trail. Sign-in for Precinct Chairs and guests will be at 6:30 pm.


TEA on Tuesday

Monday, July 6, 2009

We've had a great participation with our summer TEA Parties at 360 Primo at the Arboretum on Tuesdays. We meet up at 5:30 until 7 pm and we've had lively conversation and nice networking. It's great to have a comfortable conservative, liberty-loving casual time together. JOIN US!


VOTER ID Status - Keep up the Fight!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I am re-sending the information from the Texas Federation of Republican Women President Toni Anne Dashiell:

Dear Supporter of secure and fair elections,

Although the Senate passed legislation during this past session to require a Photo ID in order to vote, the House never had the opportunity to vote on it. As you probably know, the Democrats chubbed (employed delay tactics) for five days in order to block Photo ID legislation. Their chubbing blocked several other bills as well, and as a result a Special Session had to be called to complete mandatory legislative business.

We believe adding Voter ID to the Special Session would be fruitless, and result in more taxpayer money being wasted. Although voters across the State, both Democrat and Republican, see Photo ID as a commonsense safeguard against voter fraud, Democrat leadership has made it clear they will do whatever it takes to defeat Photo ID legislation. With the House being so closely divided between Democrats and Republicans, 74-76, we could expect similar delay tactics from the Democrats, resulting in even more taxpayer dollars wasted.

Although it is disappointing, please do not feel that your time and effort has been wasted. The leadership in Texas has become aware of how much this legislation means to the grassroots through your efforts. Voter ID is too important to go away.

This has been a massive effort, and there are many people and groups to thank:

Texas Federation of Republican Women
Local Repub lican Women clubs and members
Kendall County Republican Women
Texas Republican County Chairs Association
Local County Parties, leadership and grass roots
The thousands of people who made phone calls, sent emails, traveled to the capitol to rally and to testify
Republican Party of Texas
Noble Strategic Partners
Alliance for Republican Leadership
SREC members
College Republicans
Senator Troy Fraser
Senator Tommy Williams
The House Republican Caucus, with special mention to Rep. Betty Brown and Rep. Linda Harper Brown for standing strong for a solid Photo ID bill
The expert witnesses who traveled here from out of state and shared their research, facts, and experience with Voter ID:
Cameron Quinn (VA)
Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita
Tom Wheeler (IN)
Frank Strickland (GA)
Wes Tailor (GA)
John Fund (Wall Street Journal)
Hans Von Spakovsky (Heritage Foundation)
Dr. David Muhlhausen (Heritage Foundation)
Michael Ertel (FL)
The people of Progreso, Texas, who stood up against voter fraud in their hometown

Please keep checking our website ( for updates.


Members of SAFE-Texas
Melinda Fredricks, Chairman, TFRW Parliamentarian
Toni Anne Dashiell, TFRW President
Russ Duerstine
Barbara Larson, TFRW Ballot Security Committee Chairman
Tom Mechler
Bill Noble
Eric Opiela
Linda Rogers
Skipper Wallace